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In the U. Tweet Email All along the millions of miles of highways that crisscross North America, wheels are in motion to remake the truck stop.

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Tweet Email All along the millions of miles of highways that crisscross North America, wheels are in motion to remake the truck stop. But this year will mark the first major deployment of service stations adapted to new energy realities; Gallon Trading System offer wheelers a place to pull in for a fill-up with natural gas.

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Thanks largely to the hydraulic fracturing boom in the United States, it would be far cheaper today to run those heavy trucks on natural gas than diesel—and potentially cleaner, too. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Widespread use of cleaner-burning natural gas is Gallon Trading System step that could address climate change, although the environmental impact is complex and still under study.

But there's at least one big stumbling block on the road to natural gas trucks: In most places, there's nowhere to fill up. Oil and gas investor T. Boone Pickens is playing a pivotal role in trying to change that situation, as co-founder and largest shareholder of Clean Energy Fuelswhich is building a Gallon Trading System network of natural gas filling stations for long-haul trucks in the United States. Last week, Reuters reported that one of China's Gallon Trading System private companies, ENN Grouphas a plan to invest millions Gallon Trading System building natural gas filling stations in the United States, aiming to install 50 truck stops this year alone.

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The chicken-and-egg question has stalled deployment of an oil alternative on the highways: Which will be built first—the filling stations or the vehicles with engines equipped to handle a different fuel? Over the past year, Clean Energy Fuels opted to make the first move in this game, building 70 fueling stations in 33 states.

Most of those are dormant, awaiting a major development that has been delayed, but is now expected later this year—the roll-out of the first generation of standard-size heavy-duty trucks specially equipped to run on natural gas.

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When those trucks hit the road, Clean Energy Fuels says, its new truck stops will open. The company told Reuters it already has five stations in operation Gallon Trading System is opening three more in the coming weeks.

Pickens has been one of the most vocal proponents of switching to natural gas for transportation.

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Swapping natural gas for diesel in the nation's heavy-duty trucks, Pickens saidis the most efficient way to create demand for the abundant natural gas now being extracted from North American shale. That's a big concern for the gas industry, because production is growing faster than consumption, and companies must keep producing to maintain their land-leasing agreements.

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Without new markets, natural gas prices will stay low—a boon to consumers, perhaps—but a threat to producers' bottom line. But most natural gas vehicles on U. In the U.

In practice, this means impossibly large volumes of the stuff would be required to power a vehicle for more than miles kilometers between fill-ups.

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By contrast, a diesel truck of average efficiency can cover miles 1, kilometers on the fuel held in a single gallon liter tank. Enter liquefied natural gas. Known as LNG, this super-chilled and compressed form of natural gas has about 60 percent of diesel's energy content by volumeand it is significantly more energy dense than CNG. As a result, heavy trucks equipped with thermos-like cryogenic tanks can haul freight long distances—often miles or more —between LNG fill-ups.

At Gallon Trading System energy prices, that mileage can be a lot cheaper with LNG than with diesel.

In recent Gallon Trading System, the U. Even after weighing in the fact that LNG trucks currently on the market are slightly less fuel-efficient than diesel-powered rigs, the disparity could add up to tens of thousands of dollars in annual fuel savings for a fleet when each truck coversmiles or more in the course of a year. But recent calculations by the energy-consulting firm IHS CERA found that LNG heavy-duty trucks Hudersfieldi ulikooli strateegia kaart recoup the initial cost of investment within three years without Swahili ostude susteem incentives.

Government energy analysts are convinced the switch makes sense for large segments of trucking. Energy Information Administration. In its most recent annual energy outlook, the agency expressed enough confidence in the durability of the U. Future Shaped By Natural Gas. Although the agency does not expect the total amount of energy consumed for transportation in the United States to increase at all through largely due to more efficient vehiclesit sees the use of natural gas for vehicle transport rising from less than one percent to 6 percent of that highway energy mix.

That may seem a small inroad for natural gas on highways where most vehicles will still be powered by oil, but even those projections are Gallon Trading System in part on an assumption that LNG fueling infrastructure—both the filling stations and the trucks Gallon Trading System to use it—will come into place, Hutchins said in an interview.

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Until now, only a few heavy trucks that could run on LNG were on the highway, most of them custom-made for the southern California market, where stringent air pollution standards have required companies to find alternatives to diesel.

But next month, after some delay, big engine manufacturer Cummins Westport will begin production of an Analysts believe that because it will have the size and power of a standard heavy-duty truck engine, it will be a game-changer.

Going Global Right now, the few dozen LNG fueling stations in the United States represent 45 percent of the worldwide total, but visions of comprehensive LNG refueling networks are cropping up around the globe.

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Dash for Gas a Test for Global Fracking. If approved, the legislation would set binding targets for development of infrastructure for transportation fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, and natural gas.

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Clean Energy aims ultimately to establish a network of LNG stations spaced every miles about km or so along major truck routes.