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Failure to do so will result in the acquisition cost transfer not being made and incorrect data may appear in the tax report. How is the acquisition cost determined for those securities that the taxpayer has acquired from an Estonian employer through an option agreement? Väärtpaberi soetamismaksumuse moodustavad kõik selle omandamiseks tehtud ja dokumentaalselt tõendatud kulud.

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Information is available from our customer support by calling or e-mailing finance lhv. Customer support operates Mon—Fri 9— General information 1. Declaration of personal investment Smart Trading System AFL in Estonia Sincetwo parallel systems have existed in Estonia for the taxation of personal investment income: the so-called ordinary system, according to which all transactions involving Kas hinnategevuse kauplemise strateegia on sale of securities must be declared, and the investment account system, according to which only the contributions to and disbursements from the account must be declared.

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Securities income may also be declared according to both systems. Smart Trading System AFL ordinary system provides for the declaring of all securities transactions performed in the previous year.

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The income tax obligation arises once you have earned a profit as the end result of all sales transactions. However, if you have incurred a loss during the year, you can carry that forward to the following year.

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Service fees may be deducted from realised revenue under the ordinary system, but management fees may not be deducted. Transactions must be entered in the income tax return by hand see How is income declared in the ordinary system?

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It is there that we have consolidated all of the information known to LHV Pank regarding the gain or loss on the transfer of your Estonian and foreign securities, interest income from securities and foreign-sourced dividends. Declare these to the Tax and Customs Board using tables 5.

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When using the investment account system it is not the securities transactions that must be declared; instead, the contributions to and disbursements from the bank account marked as the investment account must be declared.

An individual may have multiple investment accounts at several different banks simultaneously. A tax liability only arises if the amount by which the disbursements made from all of the investment accounts exceeds the balance of the contributions made to all of the investment accounts.

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The main differences between Smart Trading System AFL ordinary system and the investment account system are presented in the following table. Ordinary system Selection of assets to be declared Broader selection Only financial assets The following must be declared sales transactions involving securities performed using overall income, as well as dividend and interest income. Read more about investing as an enterprise. General information 2.

LHV internetipangast leiad maksuaruande, mis koondab info sinu kõikidel LHV pangakontodel Eesti ja välismaiste väärtpaberite võõrandamisest saadud kasu või kahju, väärtpaberitest saadud intressitulu ning välismaalt saadud dividendide kohta. LHV Brokeris tehtud tehinguid maksuaruandes ei kajastata. Maksuaruande infot saad kasutada oma tuludeklaratsiooni täitmiseks. Kui deklareerid väärtpaberitulu nii tavasüsteemis kui ka investeerimiskonto süsteemis, eemalda LHV maksuaruandest investeerimiskonto kanded. Kui oled saanud väärtpaberitega seotud tulu mujalt kui LHV investeerimisteenuseid kasutades nt ühisrahastusplatvormideltsiis tuleb sul need andmed lisada oma tuludeklaratsioonile käsitsi.

Sales transactions and dividends under the ordinary system If you have received dividends in your Growth Account during the year, you will have to report these in Table 8. If you have also made some sales transactions in your Growth Account during the year, any disposal of fund units must be entered in Table 8. Declaration of dividends in the investment account system The first step is to inform the Tax Board that you are using your Growth Account in the investment account system.

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To do so, information regarding the bank account being used as the Growth Account must be entered in part I of Table 6. Only cash contributions and disbursements will be subject to reporting. The forwarded information should be visible in part II of Table 6. General information 3. Taxation of deposit interest Income tax shall only be paid on deposit interest by those private individuals who are Estonian tax residents and who have not informed LHV Pank that their account, in which the interest is received, is an investment account.

Select the account and save the selection.

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Later, you should also declare this account on your Tax and Customs Board income tax return as an investment account. An Estonian tax resident is a person whose permanent residence is in Estonia or who has stayed in Estonia for at least days in a year. You do not have to declare or pay the interest yourself. The bank shall withhold income tax and declare and pay it on your behalf.