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All bases are covered. Es-Souni, M. Karus, Z.

This report presents the results of those studies. An EPP strain limits methodology assessment was based on recent two-bar thermal ratcheting test results on H stainless steel in the temperature range of to C. Strain range predictions from the EPP evaluation of the two-bar tests were also evaluated and compared with the experimental results.

The role of sustained primary loading on cyclic life was assessed using the results of pressurized SMT data from tests on Alloy at C. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site.

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Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee. Oskolkov, F. Ek, J. In the case of the L-type pyruvate kinase this regulation is achieved via phosphorylation of the serine residue in the peptide sequence …Arg 9 -Arg 10 -Ala-Ser 12 Val 13 …located in the N-terminal regulatory domain of the protein molecule.

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This phosphorylation alters the net charge of the N-terminal domain. Therefore it has been assumed that the phenomenon of regulation can be connected with the change of the N-terminal domain peptide. In this study the net charge of the N-terminal domain of L-PK molecule has been changed by introducing point mutations in positions 9, 10 and 13 of the primary structure.

These positions are flanking the phosphorylation site at Ser 12 of L-PK structure.

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The catalytic properties of these mutated enzymes, as well as the phosphorylated enzyme, were studied. The mutants were specially selected to alter different charge situation of the N-terminal domain, and to check the hypothesis whether redistribution or introduction of new ionic groups in the regulatory domain can mimic the regulatory effect of phosphorylation of the Ser 12 residue.

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We have found that in some of these three positions both catalytic activity and enzyme stability can be affected by the mutations. However, the cooperative behavior of the substrate reaction cannot be induced by replacement of the amino acids, but needs phosphorylation of the Ser 12 residue. Orav Tallinn Technical University, Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn Tea import has considerably increased in the last few years.

Tea market broadening could be explained by the appearance of the new sorts of black, red further oolunggreen and white teas. Therefore it became important to find easy and cheap determination method for the basic tea sort. Presented method has been based on hypothesis, there are differences in the essential oils composition of the black, oolung, green and white teas, since raw material — Thea Sinensise leafs - went throw different technological stages.

Micro- SDE simultaneous distillation-extraction has been used for isolation and capillary- gas chromatography for identification and determination of the black, oolung, green and white teas all together 7 samples essential oils contents. Main components are hexanal up to Finally the differences between basic tea sorts have been found.

E hexanal up to 9. Heptanal Bornyl acetate 8. An evidential difference between oolungs and other base tea sorts has not been found. Possible reason for this kind of absence could be explained by differences in technological stages during fermentation.

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Helmja1, H. Tahkoniemi1, M. Raskmetallidena kasutati Cu, Zn, Co ja Cd. Kaljurand1 1Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Tallinn University of Technology, Akadeemia tee 15, Tallinn,Estonia Biological processes are extremely complex and detailed monitoring of these processes is necessary in order to get more qualitative and quantitative information about the products and explore the mechanism of the bioprocess.

Therefore there is a need to develop analytical methods to allow on-line monitoring and process control, particularly to biotechnological processes.

Besides, on-line monitoring enables to analyze a wide range of substrates and metabolites. Capillary electrophoresis CE is a suitable separation method for on-line monitoring of bioprocesses due to its high resolution, low consumption of running electrolyte and sample. Monitoring complex biological systems and changes in the metabolic profiles with CE can offer many new sights concerning metabolism of microbes.

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In the current study computerized CE method with UV detection for studying heavy metals was to developed. The selected factors for optimizing were buffer pH and the concentration of the one of the buffer component pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid PDCA.

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PDCA was used as a complexing agent to heavy metals cations. The optimum value for buffer pH was found 6.

The important process from the environmental point of view is consumption of heavy metals by bacteria. Consumption of heavy metals like Cu, Zn, Co and Cd by bacteria isolated from highly polluted technogenic soil in northen-east area of Estonia was under investigation.

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By simultaneous separation of heavy metals and by-products organic acids it was possible to gain more information about metabolic processes with less time consuming measurements than it has been possible with existing methods. Consumption of heavy metals by bacteria was noticed to a certain extent.

In addition, oscillation process was noticed. Heksaamiinkoobalt III kompleksiooni elektrokeemilist redutseerumist elektrokeemiliselt poleeritud Bi hkl monokristalli tahkudel uuriti HClO 4 vesilahustes [1]. Joonisel 1.

Borissova, M. Dedova, M. Enkvist, G.

Nerut K. Lust, J. Hamelin, M. Weaver, J. Hromadova, W. Fawcett, J. A Rotating disc voltammetry curves potential scan rate 10 mV s -1 for the electrochemically polished Bi 01 1 plane in 0.

Loodud mudel on avaldatud ajakirjas Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis [2].

Noviello, L. Later, in the yearseven European firms have begun to develop the European Utilities Requirements. This development is justified by the fact that the lessons learned by the nuclear power plants designs programs of the years can be incorporated and the European specific conditions can be taken into consideration.

Tiikma, I. Bljahhina, M. Teaduskonverentsi ettekannete referaadid. Tallinn, Johannes, H. Tamvelius, L. Anal: Pyrolysis,72, The yields of gas and coke in autoclaves increased in time t but the yield of oil had a maximum at the time determined by the oven nominal temperature Tnom and decreased thereafter.

The yields of the products approached certain limit values depending on Tnom.

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Our experimental results demonstrated that independently of the value of Tnom C the formation of oil from PE starts at C. So, independently of Tnom the degradation of PE in autoclaves takes place at the same temperature region under non-isothermal conditions. At that, the higher the Tnom, the shorter the heat-up time for oil formation, the higher the limit yields of gas and coke and the lower the limit yield of oil at long-term degradation.

Algorithms will be given for calculation of the following pyrolysis characteristics: current temperature of the reaction mix, rate coefficients for formation of oil and gas in parallel-consequent reactions of PE degradation, and for formation of gas and coke in parallel reactions of the oil secondary degradation, apparent kinetic constants — activation energy E and pre-exponential factor A in the Arrhenius kinetic equation for formation of oil, gas and coke, yields of oil, gas and coke at any t and Tnom.

The kinetic constants of PE pyrolysis found in this work are compared with those obtained using autoclaves under isothermal conditions, as well using open retorts and TGA under isothermal conditions and under linear increase of temperature.

The data vary from one work to another because the apparent kinetic constants of PE degradation found in open retorts depend Arrow Signal Binary Options indikaator the removal rate of the volatiles formed, and in autoclaves, differently from the previous works, the heating rate should be regarded. So, the apparent kinetic constants found in this work can be applied for quantitative description of the co-effect of t and Tnom and the optimum conditions for PE pyrolysis only in the autoclaves of the similar configuration.

Nevertheless, the procedure and mathematical models proposed for estimation of the constants and thereafter prediction of yields of the products can be applied for any autoclaves. The model deduced is published in Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis [2]. Pyrolysis of waste polymers with oil shale. Abstracts of Scientific Conference. Tallinn, Authors thank Estonian Science Foundation for support by Grant Paju1, T. Pehk2, M. Paju et al. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry14, Stetter, W.

Schelenker, Tetrahedron Letters,21, The parent substances 6 were obtained from the corresponding substituted benzaldehydes 4 by condensation with 1-acetoxybutenone 3 resulting in substances 5. Ilves1, A. COOMe 1. NaOMe 2. Leir, C. Aqad et al. Tetrahedron59, Strunz, G.

Lal, Can. For their preparation the asymmetric synhesis is the best approach. Dimethyladipate 1 was cyclisized by NaOMe and alkylated Arrow Signal Binary Options indikaator benzyl bromide to afford compound 2. Chlorination of compound 2 resulted in dichloroderivate 3, what transforms after hydrolysis to 3-benzylhydroxycyclopentenone 4 Scheme1 [2]: COOMe 1. Synthesis of 3-benzylhydroxycyclopentenone The compoud 4 can be synthesized also from cheap glutarate and oxalate esters [3,4].

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Asymmetrical oxidation of 3-Benzylhydroxycyclopentenone 1. Kamenev1, J.