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See 3 Start of a new chapter - RMH 2. Toona piisas konkurentsieelise saavutamiseks tõesti vaid väiksest jalavaevast. RMH shareholders are referred to the FirstRand website for further information on the FirstRand results for the year ended 30 June The increase in funding and administration costs is due to a significant tax liability paid on the unwind of the foreign exchange hedge for the Atterbury Bucharest opportunity as described in the financial results for the year ended 30 June The headline earnings of RMH Property were negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic as lease payment relief was provided to tenants in most of the jurisdictions in which RMH Property portfolio companies operates.

There is often stress related to the MRI examinations, so in order to perform an examination safely and smoothly, sufficient explanation must be given.

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An explanation of what to do and what not to do during an examination should be outlined in a brochure given to patients before the examination. We gathered MRI-related safety information and instructions, and assessed the effect that the information might have on patients.

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We started a workgroup for a project to plan and record a video according to the Storyboard. When editing, we reviewed the length of each segment, the amount of information on screen, and the overall length of the DVD. We discussed the issue within the workgroup and had hospital approval.

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It was possible for us to complete it without depending on the supplier and the cost was kept to a minimum. Finally, we decided on a viewing location.

We asked a hospital volunteers to Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation a Lihtne vanilla aktsiaoptsioonitehingud DVD and we evaluated their responses by questionnaires.

As the result, their understanding and anxieties related to MRI examinations were alleviated, as expected. Their anxiety seemed to be eased. Patients also seemed to have a deeper understanding of MRI examinations having seen an examination being conducted.

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