KD Trading System.

WTO leping tehniliste kaubandustõkete kohta. Eesmärgi teostamiseks tuli esiteks määratleda mittetariifsed meetmed ja riigid, mille alusel analüüs teostada. Linkins ja Hugh M. Paraku ei sisalda fond valuutakomisjoni koosolekutel vastu võetud otsuste põhjendusi. Dünaamika illustreerivaks edasiandmiseks töötati läbi Tabelis 1 esitatud erikomisjonile saadetud valuutakomisjoni otsused. The parties may reach bilateral written agreement on a different delivery schedule acceptable to both parties to the transaction.

State — the status of the placed order; read more in section 3.

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Type KD Trading System an order to buy or to sell. Instrument — an object of trade: fuel type and delivery period. Not specified for biomass reserve products.

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Total, toe — fuel amount of an order per all delivery period. Not executed Amount — the order amount that was not executed at earlier auctions. Total, toe — not executed total amount of an order; Value, Eur — the value of not executed order.

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Duration, weeks — the number of weeks of a delivery period. For orders to sell: the minimum selling price; for orders to buy: the maximum purchase price including delivery cost to the buying location. Max distance, km. These details are only provided for orders to sell.

Exchange information

This parameter shows the location from in case of sale or to in case of purchase which fuel must be delivered. Valid till — the date until which the order is valid. This parameter shows the last day of the auction in which the order will take part. Users can perform the following steps in the Orders window: By clicking the icon [ ], view the data of a placed order Figure Figure Order data window 2. Order state The ETS will assign certain states to all orders.

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Possible order states: Not signed — the order has been entered but has not been signed. Such an order will not take part in the conclusion of transactions.

Active — an entered and signed order. Orders with this state take part in the auction. Canceled — the order has been canceled and no longer takes part in the conclusion of transactions.

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Expired — the term of validity of the order has expired. Executed — a transaction s was were concluded based on the order.

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The process of change of order states is shown below Figure 53 : Figure The process of changing of order states 2. Collateral account The required amounts of collaterals and the conditions for presenting collaterals are specified in the Regulation.


In case of sale, the maximum transportation costs are added to the value of the order. If the balance of collaterals is insufficient, the order will not be saved in the ETS. According to the Conditions of Trade in Biomass Productsthe value of transactions that may be concluded by these sellers is limited as follows: for sellers KD Trading System reliability category C, KD Trading System maximum value of transactions and placed orders may not exceed their own capital more than 10 times; for sellers of reliability category D, this value may not exceed their own capital more than 5 times.

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Reserved limit, EUR — the sum of the values of all placed orders and concluded transactions the value of undelivered amount is taken into account. Number — bank warranty number.

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Valid from — start date of validity of the bank warranty. Valid till — end date of validity of the bank warranty.

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Value, EUR — value of the deposited bank warranty. Value, EUR — value Kiireim valikuplatvorm the deposited funds.

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Counterparty — name of the KD Trading System entity or given name and surname of the natural person that is the other party to the concluded transaction and name of the trading location. Instrument — trading object of the order or transaction: fuel type and delivery period. After the instrument name has been clicked, the trading window Figure 43 for that product will be displayed.

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If the link is inactive, it means that trade in this instrument has ended and no trading window will be displayed for this instrument. Total amount, toe — total amount of the placed order or concluded transaction.

For sellers, the already delivered amount of fuel, i.